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UnitingSpiritually will be having a stronger on-campus presence this semester, and hopefully this year.

Last week marked the beginning of our new discussion group & hang out sessions @ UniBar from 4-5pm. This, like most of our activities, involves eating, perhaps a beer or two, and discussion lead by a different person each week. The topics will often be biblically based or taken from current affairs/ newspaper articles… or can be random topics that the leader wants to explore in a chilled out group setting.

So if this sounds like your thing, come along to the UniBar on tuesday afternoons…

Our thursday dinners are continuing of course – if you’re not on the e-group and you want to receive information about this, email

This week is also Diversity Week at UOW and on thursday we’ll be on McKinnon lawn from 12:30-1:30 to celebrate! We’ll be celebrating by inviting students to take a fair trade chocolate tasting test (blindfolded) where they need to guess the country of origin of the delicious chocolate… mmmmm.

Also coming up in Week 6 will be our Easter Event where we’ll have a labyrinth on the McKinnon Lawn on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. More info on that to come…