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a prayer

Posted: June 19, 2007 in prayers


You gave us orchestras.

You gave us music notes and harmony.

You gave us fluffy blankets on windy nights. You gave us herbal tea to warm us up when it’s pouring down rain outside.

You gave us water. Pools of water. Rivers, lakes, oceans of water. Cool, smooth, wild, life-giving water.

You gave us the sun. And lemon, lime and bitters to sip whilst basking in it. And feet to singe on the sun-burnt sand.

You gave us giggling afternoons with ice cream and hopscotch.

You gave us incredible minds to notice all these things.

To marvel. To wonder. To watch. To listen. To hope.

You gave us soccer balls to kick around in the dirt on a steaming hot day.

You gave us peanut butter cookies and cuddles from timid cats.

You gave us ringlets to remind us things don’t have to be tamed to be beautiful.

You gave us bright yellow raincoats and slippers and multi-coloured beanies.

You gave us good movies on stormy days with foot massages to put us to sleep.

You gave us our voice.

You gave us our melodies, our songs of rapture.

You gave us bonds with friends; moments when we feel indescribably connected to one another.

You gave us solitaire and tetris for when we need to procrastinate.

You gave us friends with legs who can kick our bums when we need it most.

You gave us love.

So, Lord, we wanna say ‘Grazias’. ‘Merci beaucoup’. ‘Danke schon’. Cheers.

We wanna say thank you. We love you.


Megan Graham June 07