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Next Tuesday Uniting Church Chaplaincy at UOW is supporting a reconciliation event at the Brewery. On Tuesday April 29 at 7:00pm thousands of Australians are holding simultaneous Reconciliation GetTogethers across the country.

The aim is simple: to share our stories and our hopes for reconciliation and meet some new friends from our local community. So, you are invited to a discussion starting 7pm at the Brewery (Win Entertainment Centre) on the 29th April. Meals avail from $10-15 for those who wish to eat there.

This event is registered with GetUp, who are encouraging indigenous and non-indigenous people from all around Australia to get together on this night to talk about how we can make our country better for all.

You can RSVP directly to Michelle Ferguson or through
or find a gathering closer to you at

Hope to see you there – and please feel free to pass this invite on to anyone you think may be interested in coming along.


Easter Sunday to one of us

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Here’s a reflection that Luke shared on Easter Sunday at Keiraview… whats your thoughts on easter?

What does Easter mean to me?

For the last three years Easter has begun for me on Ash Wednesday, having spent the day before eating all the pancakes I could fit into my mouth. For the forty days of Lent in these three years I’ve struggled, with varying degrees of success, to give up all kinds of things, from television, coffee, meat, sweets, soft drink and alcohol, and at the same time, trying to study for uni, maintain relationships with family and friends, and be a more devoted and faithful Christian than I am the rest of the year, again with mixed success.

All this has been made easier in some ways, harder in others, by a dinner had every Thursday night with friends, where we share our thoughts and feelings on life and faith as well as good food and drink.
Also, for the past three years my Easter experience has been marked by the celebration of Holy Week, the week in which or church recounts and remembers the final days of Jesus’ earthly ministry, and in particular Maundy Thursday where, through the re-enactment of Jesus’ washing of the feet of his disciples, we are reminded of our duty to serve each other in love.

For me the ‘Good’ Friday that follows is a day to reflect on the defeats of life, the death of a loved one, the breaking of a friendship or the loss of meaning, purpose, direction and of hope we have all in some way experienced in our lives, both individually and as a community. It is also a time to reflect on the suffering of peoples all over God’s earth in their struggle with injustice, inequality and poverty in the hope of a better life, and of the groaning of the whole creation from exploitation and pollution.

It is this very struggle and suffering we reflect on during Good Friday when we remember Jesus’ peaceful defiance of the temptation to accept or compromise with empire, the kingdom of man, and the injustices of inequality, exploitation and slavery that go with it, and of a life less than that promised by his and our God, for his and their struggles and sufferings are one.

For me Good Friday is also a day to reflect on Jesus’ sufferings for his people and his God whom he loved, and think what kind of love, service and sacrifice God is asking of me through his Word, Son, Spirit and Body. Finally, it is also a day to remember that it is Jesus who is my temple and sacrifice, and therefore my source of strength, comfort and happiness, not the expensive and extravagant trappings and past times often exalted in our culture and society.

On the Sunday that follows, the gospels story of the resurrection of Jesus, retold today by the whole Christian church, reminds me that despite the loss and suffering I and all have and will continue to experience in my life, and that which I see in the world around me, God, in and through his Son, his people and the whole creation, has promised and still has more of life to give to us all.

Because of the reality of Jesus’ resurrection, whatever it may be, I can have faith that the loss, brokenness and selfishness I see in my own life and the suffering and injustice I see in the world, can be transformed, and a new life found. It is this new life that I hope for and have faith in, and that I believe comes with each celebration of Easter, that continues to inspire me to live a life more worthy of the gift of Christ and the Christian faith, and tis new life which is the meaning of Easter for me.

Easter & EtS

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Echoing the sacred took a different turn this year. we were somewhat forced to downsize. BUT, the expereience of walking the streets of wollongong with overlayed reflections on Jesus’ journey to the cross was really significant.

our feet were bare, cut, grazed, and brused.

our feet were bathed, washed, and soothed.

we shared stories, we shared a journey, we shared a meal.

all on a holy night, as the storm rolled in, the night he was betrayed.