Thursday Night Dinner!!!!

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Hey all,

If your interested about our group, want to come along for bite to eat on thursday night, or want to have a good chat about life, come along to our Thursday night dinners at North Wollongong Pub.

We meet at 7:30pm, usually upstairs at North Gong Pub.

If you want to come, just contact Phil.

Hope to see you there!!!!!

Welcome to the Uniting Spiritually Blog! Here you will find information about the group as well as the latest information about upcoming events and community movements. Come in and have a look around, leave a message, subscribe!

Fairtrade Fortnight has just begun (2nd – 17th May 2009)

On Thursday the 14th of May, we will be on the Duckpond Lawn (opposite the Uni Bar) with some FAIRTRADE chocolate to sample. You just have to answer a few easily questions about FAIRTRADE then try some of the varieties we have on offer.

We will be setting up at around 10:30 to start at 11am, so get there before all the chocolate runs out 🙂

Check out this site for more details on the event:

Come to the planning meeting

So far I have booked Mckinnon lawn for three days (Tuesday – Thursday of Week 6) so its up to us to decide what we want to put in the maze relating to easter

Maybe some variation of the “stations of the cross” a, jesus upsetting the animals in the temple, last supper, foot washing, garden of gethsemane,

Or something else

Hopefully portable and a bit water proof

Planning meeting on Friday 3rd at 12:30 Unibar

All welcome

Hi Everyone

We will be in the Uni Bar tomorrow (Tuesday) from 4 till 5pm.

Come, hang out and relax

All Welcome!

This week is Diversity Week at UOW.

We decided to set up a game involving chocolate sampling, with 7 delicious varieties of fairtrade chocolate to taste. Participants simply had to guess the flavour of the chocolate.

The fairtrade chocolate had ingredients from Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Belize and Italy. This surprised many of the participants.

Such was the success of this game, it ended early after all the chocolate had been consumed!

With Easter coming soon, is time to find some fairtrade chocolate Easter eggs

For more information about fairtrade check out:

UnitingSpiritually will be having a stronger on-campus presence this semester, and hopefully this year.

Last week marked the beginning of our new discussion group & hang out sessions @ UniBar from 4-5pm. This, like most of our activities, involves eating, perhaps a beer or two, and discussion lead by a different person each week. The topics will often be biblically based or taken from current affairs/ newspaper articles… or can be random topics that the leader wants to explore in a chilled out group setting.

So if this sounds like your thing, come along to the UniBar on tuesday afternoons…

Our thursday dinners are continuing of course – if you’re not on the e-group and you want to receive information about this, email

This week is also Diversity Week at UOW and on thursday we’ll be on McKinnon lawn from 12:30-1:30 to celebrate! We’ll be celebrating by inviting students to take a fair trade chocolate tasting test (blindfolded) where they need to guess the country of origin of the delicious chocolate… mmmmm.

Also coming up in Week 6 will be our Easter Event where we’ll have a labyrinth on the McKinnon Lawn on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. More info on that to come…

We hung out, ate chocolate, met people, watched a giant dog running around, went on a jumping castle with a velcro wall in velcro jumpsuits, ate some more chocolate and had some good conversations. Thanks to those of you who came up and had a chat and signed up to our e-group, we hope to see you at various up coming US events.

Here are a few pictures from O-Week clubs day…


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Lent is upon us and US will be participating, in some way shape or form, in Lent Event. Click here to find out more!

Check again soon for more details on what we’re doing for Lent Event..

EDIT: As it turns out, our participation in this year’s Lent Event will be submitting the money from last year’s efforts… which has attached with it a long-running joke about ‘who stole the lent money’… anyway, check out the website to see where the money will be going. The church community that many US members attend are also taking part in this year’s Lent Event.

The past 6 months have been a lot of fun. We’ve witnessed two of our members get married, we’ve said goodbye to our Chaplain and US founding member Dave, and we have welcomed a couple new faces!

This semester we’re hoping to have more of a presence at UOW and we’re starting by having a stall at O-Week Clubs Day and the following Week 1 Clubs Day. Dates and times are as follows:

O week Wednesday the 25th – 12pm – 4pm

Week 1 March 4th – 10am – 3pm

We will be on the duckpond lawn, recognisable by our Uniting Spiritually banner. We’ll have a few different flavours of fair trade chocolate to share so feel free to come over and give in to your chocolate cravings – it’s a good excuse to say hello and have a chat!

Our weekly Thursday night dinners are up and running again. Great for those looking for an opportunity to chill out, share good food, have a couple of drinks and get to know fellow students who are wanting to look a little deeper and explore life, faith, and how the world works (or how it should!).

If this sounds like it could be right up your alley, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at or call/text 0415229387.